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Share Certificates

A share certificate is a document issued by a company to a shareholder certifying ownership of their shares. The certificate will typically have the name of the shareholder, number of shares held and the name of the company the shares are held in.

If you hold your shares in a corporate sponsored nominee then you will not have a share certificate and will not be required to produce one in order to trade with us. The nominee has to be held by Link Market Services.

If you have lost or destroyed your share certificate or if it has been stolen you will need a replacement before you can trade. The registrars will place a restriction onto the certificate to stop it from being used fraudulently.

You can view more information on how to replace missing certificates in the Link Market Services Help Centre hereĀ

If Link Market Services (or its affiliates) are not the registrar for the company in which you hold shares, then you will need to contact the relevant registrar to get a replacement. You can check if Link are the registrar by checking any recent documentation issued to you or by searching for the company onĀ

Risk warning

Remember the price of shares can go down as well as up, and you are not guaranteed to get back the amount that you originally invested.

Risk Warning

Best execution policy

Find out more about our best execution policy.

Best Execution